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For use with kilns without contactors such as small pottery kilns, glass kilns, bead making and enamelling kilns. Often used to replace kiln-sitters on elderly small pottery kilns.  Complete with wall / bench bracket.

• For plug-in kilns (3kW max)
• 9 programs
• 9 ramps + soaks / program
• Suitable for ceramics and glass
• Available in UK and Schuko plug formats


The ST222A is a 9-program plug-in controller designed for general glass, ceramics & pottery use. Each
program can have up to 9 segments. It is fully adjustable with heating and cooling indicators & continuous
display of segment number. Each segment comprises of a ramp followed by a soak. Ramps can be heating or cooling. The
ST222A executes a controlled ramp to the soak temperature where it dwells for the required period then executes the next
segment. The end of the program is marked by selecting ‘End’ while entering a ramp rate. Natural cooling then follows.

Setting Up

Press the ? key to show the program number on the display – this can be changed if required with the ?
& ? keys. Press the ? key until the required indicator lamp (ramp rate (°/hr), temperature (°) or time
(hr.mins)) above the main display flashes. Change the displayed settings with the ? & ? keys which can be held down for
acceleration. All settings are remembered while the controller is powered off.


The ?¦ key is used to commence or to halt a firing. If a start delay has been set then the delay time
remaining will be displayed. During ramping the kiln temperature is shown and either the heating or
cooling indicator will be lit to show if controlled heating or controlled cooling is taking place. During soaking the soak time
remaining and the soak temperature are alternately displayed. During firing the settings can be reviewed and altered at
any time, the program can be paused/resumed or a segment can be advanced. In the event of a power failure the ST222A
will intelligently re-commence firing when power returns.

All the Features:

  • Designed for small plug-in kilns (up to 3kW)
  • Easy to retro-fit to kilns without controls
  • Ideal for glass, enamelling, bead annealing & general ceramics use
  • 9 programs - each with up to 9 segments
  • 1 controlled heating / cooling ramp + 1 soak per segment
  • Soak times up to nearly 100 hours
  • Ramp rates from 1 to 999°C/hour + full
  • Controlled heating & cooling ramps
  • Programs can be reviewed or altered while firing
  • Program Pause & Segment Advance facilities
  • Delayed start facility - up to 4 days
  • Power failure recovery
  • Energy used display
  • Selectable thermocouple types
  • Extensive kiln safety monitoring with alarm buzzer


Power supply
Voltage range: 100 - 253V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Phases: 1
Power: 3kW (max)

Fuse: 13A fuse in plug (BS1363) (UK version only)

Control Relay
Contact type: SPST NO @13A max


Range: 0 to 1320°C (R/S) 0 to 1200°C (K/N)
Resolution: 1°C

Control Accuracy
P.I.D. Control
Reading accuracy: ±0.25% FSD ±1 digit

R,S,K & N type (selectable)

Start delay range: 00:00 to 99hr 59min
Soak time range: 00:00 to 99hr 59min
Resolution: 1 min

Error Handling
Thermocouple failure detection
Thermocouple reversal detection
Heater failure detection
Kiln over-temperature detection
Room over-temperature detection
Alarm buzzer

Location: For indoor use only
Operating Temperature: 0°C to +50°C
Storage Temperature: -10°C to +55°C
Sealing: IP40
Pollution Class: 2
Installation Category: II

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