Bisque Ware

R Type - Thermocouples

A thermocouple is a sensor, used to measure temperature in combination with a temperature indicator or controller.  "R" type was traditionally the type used on kilns made by British kiln makers. 

Found items: 6

Z Bracket
Stock Code: 8318-R

Z Bracket "R" type

"Z" bracket are normally found on Kilns and Furnaces kilns.

Stock Code: 8319-R

P-Bracket "R" type

The P-bracket are normally found on Potterycraft and Northern Kilns.

Stock Code: 8320-R

C-Bracket "R" type

Often used in Cromartie Kilns.

Flange Head
Stock Code: 8321-R

Flange Head "R" type

This type of head is often found on Kilncare and Stanton Kilns.

Lab Head
Stock Code: 8322-R

Lab Head "R" type

A cheaper option for placing the cold junction in a metal box.

Industrial Head
Stock Code: 8323-R

Industrial Head "R" type

This type of head is usually placed on the outside of kilns.  The enclosed head prevents "snagging" of wires.

Found items: 6